Top Products for Sensitive and Normal Skin Type

Hello Everyone!

My skin has changed dramatically. The products I use to use broke me out in hives! Out of No-where! No exaggeration it was HORRIBLE. The only way to get rid of it was prescription steroids and Benadryl for a week straight. I was so angry I threw away all of my face care products and splurged all ULTA for new products.

 <— EWW! 

Shout out to ULTA’s Dermalogica bar for that amazing facial. I told her what was going on with my skin and she was very careful with the products she used. I highly recommend getting a facial at ULTA!

I used these products for a little over a week now. No Hives. Thank Gosh! Here are my current favorites.


** TIP: If you want to buy both products. DO NOT buy them separate. Buy the Kits. The Winter Wonderland set comes with both products plus a face wash and another jar of moisturizer. Both moisturizer are FULL SIZED. The kit is $52.00, but currently on sale at ULTA. 




2.  Silver Powder 

** They should rename this product “Magic Powder”. It works so good and I can’t figure out how and why? All you have to do is wet your nose and dab on the magic powder on your nose. Then let it sit for 10 mins. After you wash it off all your blackheads are gone! It works better than squeezing your blackheads off your nose! It’s so crazy! TRY THE MAGIC POWDER. No more pores or blackheads on your nose. 


  1. Stress Positive Eye Lift 

** So… this product is a pretty pricey however It’s a GREAT eye cream. Since my hives epidemic I was afraid to try anything with harsh ingredients.  Picking a good eye cream can be tricky. Your skin under your eyes are so delicate. Dermalogica is a GREAT brand for sensitive skin. This product is light enough to use all over your eye. The cooling massage applicator is sweet! It’s worth the price. 



** OKAY! SKIPPING TO HAIR! This hair oil is BOMB. Makes my hair super soft and it smells so good. Apparently I purchased the travel size? I recommend starting with that if you wanted to try the product. It has lasted SO LONG. I only pump 1-2 pumps when I need to revitalize my hair. Worth it!


** You only have 1 face in your life. Take good care of it. Enjoy!


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The only way I am able to snap out of those deep thoughts is to remind myself of how far I’ve came to be who I am today. 

Dear Porter,

Every night mama tucks you in and gives you a kiss goodnight. The first thing I do when you go to bed is take a nice hot shower. That is the moment when I think about my past, my future, and who I am today.

There are days where I have doubts and thoughts when I question myself, “Am I doing okay”?

The only way I am able to snap out of those deep thoughts is to remind myself of how far I’ve came to be who I am today.

Though I don’t like reminding myself about my childhood challenges and struggles I went through, IT IS the biggest reason why I am so strong.

One word to describe me. Strong.


You may one day feel beaten, destroyed, and have lost all hope. Mommy wants to remind you those days go away. Embrace all of the hardship in life, because one day It’ll all turn around & you will be able to be strong.

Strength is the key to success.



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We should have baby #2 for so many reasons however I do not know if they’re the right reasons. 

I Have a Dilemma

Porter is turning 2 in less than half a year. It’s been a great year with my family. We went on so many adventures! Camping was Porter’s favorite adventure of the summer. If you need any camping tips, please let me know! Porter slept better at camping than at home 🙂 I have plenty of recommendations.

Porter also got to go on his first plane ride from Philadelphia to South Carolina! boy! That was a challenge, but worth it.

Click to View Short Video

Lately I have been thinking:  

We should have baby #2 for so many reasons however I do not know if they’re the right reasons.

  • I want Porter to be close to his siblings just like how I am close with mine.
  • I do not want Porter to be more than 4 years older than his brother or sister. I do not know why I think more than 4 years is too long?
  • How can I love another child as much as I love Porter? He’s forever my baby!

Right now my husband, Porter, and our Dog Leo all live at my moms house. We are lucky to have plenty of space in the basement. Porter does well here. He gets along with my niece who also lives here. We are trying to save for a house but it will mostly likely take another 2 years before we get to move out. TWO YEARS IS TOO LONG TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER BABY.

I feel guilty and bad for living with my mom. Living with my mom however benefits our whole family. We cook dinner for the family and help my mom out as much as we can. I have two younger sisters, a niece and my mom is a single mom. Having my husband here really helps my mom. He’s the man of the house. I cannot imagine leaving her, but I think having another baby would also upset her. Having another baby also will maybe delay the process of buying a house. Having another baby will take away all the adventures I want to do with Porter. I guess if it happens, we will make it work. We always do. We are the Phongphachones 😉 lol… But I really do feel guilty either way.


Anyways- I do not want to keep elaborating, but Yall catch my drift?




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Be the parent to educate the reality of our society

Two scenarios:

A) Your child is a bully.

B) Your child is being bullied.

What is worse?

One of my biggest fear as a parent is my child fitting into scenario A or B. In today’s age, bulling is much more serious and scarier than it EVER was. I fear that I will fail as a parent. I spoke to my colleagues at work whose kids are much older now. They tell me “your child will not be a bully, because that’s not the type of person / parents you and your husband are. Ultimately, it is who they hangout with and the situations they put themselves in”. My colleagues tell me not to worry too much because you can’t prevent everything. They asked me what if your kid was in a accident. I am sorry, but an accident is not preventable. If my kid was bullied, I FEEL THAT IT 100% PREVENTABLE.

**I do agree with my colleagues however, that answer may of been the answer 20 years ago. That advice is NOT going to fix what we are facing with today. The real way to stop bullying in this generation is to teach your children the reality of society.

The reality is:

It’s okay to be colored.

It’s okay to love someone the same sex.

It’s okay to love someone a different color.

It’s okay to feel that you should be a different gender you are born as.

It’s okay to fail!

It’s okay to be skinny / thicker.

Depression is real.

Educate – educate- educate.

How many articles do us millennial parents have to read about kids committing suicide before it’s too late?

How many times do we have to frown and tear reading an article about a situation that is completely preventable?

Us millennial parents need to take a stand! We are the generation that can CHANGE this.

Most of my “Mom Blogger” followings on Instagram are parents who are my age. We spend so many hours a day trying to influence each other. We have the technology and power to educate this topic, instead of hiding from it. We need to stop pretending “this will not happen to my kid”.

How do we fix this? We need to teach our kids to be scenario “C”.

Scenario C)

Be the kid who stands up. Be the one to stick up and stop it. Be the parent to educate the reality of our society.

This way our kids do not have to suffer from scenario “A” or “B”.



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MOM Budget- Things you should NEVER pay full price for.

Hello Everyone! It’s been so LONG!

Cheaper is better.  Free is for Me.

A good friend of mine is a big “Coupon’er”.

Since she started she made me realize, “why pay full price for this”. For 2 years now, the following items are things you should NEVER PAY FULL PRICE ON. Instead, use that money to buy your kids some delicious snacks!

  • Toothpaste  ( This is a BIG one for our house)
  • Dish Detergent
  • Laundry Soap (even Tide Pods)!
  • Diapers
  • Body Wash
  • & If you’re not picky, you can get hair soap for cheap & sometimes free. Brands like- Pantene, Treseme, and Head and Shoulders.

For starters, I like to coupon at CVS. As a mom, you just do not have the time as you use to. I just want to go in and out of the store! CVS is the perfect place to do that at.

Things to do:

  • Download the CVS App ( I believe all new downloaders will receive Extra Reward Bucks)
  • ** Extra Reward Bucks is like free money. The trick is to buy items where you can receive extra reward bucks, so that you pay less out of pocket.**
  • Review Weekly Ads. Certain weeks are better to buy certain items. Cvs is better to coupon at VS. Walmart because items go on sale. Items can be 2 for $4.00, where as Walmart is always a “Cheaper” price. You can actually save more when items go on sale to buy more. Reason is, you can use up to 4 of the same coupons in one transaction (must buy 4 to use all four).
    • -For example, an item can go on sale for 2 for $4.00 and if you have (2) coupons for  $1.00 off, you can use both and pay $2.00 total. The best part is if you have Extra reward bucks or CVS store coupons (Printed out at the store. Different than MFG. Coupon)  you can pay even less or the item is FREE! Even better, if the item is a weekly feature you can earn extra reward bucks back for your next transaction or just save them! So it’s like getting money back! SO WHY NOT! The items I listed are ALWAYS on sale like this.

Where to get MFG. Coupons:

  •  Check your mail! Check your weekly circulars. Look at your Redplum and SmartSource.
  • (this is what I use mostly, because I only really coupon on items I listed)  Print on multiple computers, so you can have more coupons.
  • Check your Sunday newspaper! They always have coupons! Some Sunday newspaper providers mail their coupons on Saturdays.
  • GO ON for tips and weekly features! This website is phenomenal. It’s a great site that lists all sales and what coupon / how many coupon you should use. (See image below)
  • ALWAYS print the store coupons at the red machine! You can always combine store coupons with manufacturing coupons.


Use one $0.50/1Colgate Toothpaste 3 oz or larger from SS 5/21
And use one $2.50/1 Select Colgate Toothpaste, CVS Coupon from CVS Extracare Coupon Center Week 5/21

Final Price: Free

Have a great time guys! Let me know if you have any questions!


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I truly feel like I made the right choice by not picking the first school I had in mind for Porter.

Dear Parents

Picking the “Perfect” school was not easy.

The school we picked for Porter was not our first choice.

FaceBook gives this place a 3.5 out of 5 star rating. The school I really wanted Porter to go to has a 4.5 almost 5 star rating. I initially wanted Porter to go to that school SO BAD! The tour was great, the curriculum was amazing,  the director was welcoming, it was what I thought was “everything”.

It was everything until they told me the tuition cost. Holy crap $$#@^&%&#^ – Childcare is mortgage money. 

So the search began- you could find a less focused daycare center for $30-$50 cheaper than a daycare with a strong curriculum. The way I looked at it was that’s only $10.00 less per day. Why not pay a little extra for something better?

My best suggestion for any parents who are looking for childcare for your little one is to read reviews after your tour. If you read reviews after you tour a place, you’ll be able to visualize and understand what/who the reviews refer to.

Pick the worst reviews ( the 1 or 2 star reviews) and really ask yourself, “does this affect my child? Am I potentially putting my child at risk?” If the bad reviews do not harm your kid, maybe it’s worth a shot?


For example-

The bad reviews @ Porter’s school was more about the director. They mentioned how she was mean, unwelcoming, and her attitude was poor. A few parents even withdrew their child because of the director’s attitude. After meeting the director, I can see why people may be offended. I agree, the director was a little scattered but I can see why. The reviews mentioned how the teachers are great. There was no bad review about the teachers. To me, that is more valuable. In the end, the director isn’t involved with Porter. She just collects and run a business. It is the atmosphere, cleanliness, and teachers that what matters the most. So we took a risk!!

Today was Porter’s first day of school! I truly feel like I made the right choice by not picking the first school I had in mind for Porter. I saved $250.00 a month!

Porter had a rough start, but I know he will easily adjust. I am confident that putting Porter into childcare was a great decision. He will now be more stimulated and sociable.

Check what they offer! Updates and pictures throughout the day while I am at work. Not going to lie- I teared the first picture.

Until next time!





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To my old friends, I love you to the end.

The past two years, I’ve been so caught up on “growing up”, I am afraid others forgot who I truly am.

Trying to aim that full-time job, trying to be that picture perfect wife, mom, & worker has changed me.

But I am still that Nicky you know & can trust.

I do not regret any decisions I have made, but I am upset that others feel that I have forgot about them.

What makes me unique is I’ll always know my roots and where I came from. I will never forget how I was raised and who I grew up with.

My past is what made me who I am today.

To my old friends, I love you to the end.




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My son- I love you. Happy 1st Birthday!

Dear Our Little Porter,
In two days you will be 1 year old! Happy Birthday son.

Here is everything you’ve learned in 12 months:

  • How to love & hug
  • You understand Lao more than English
  • You know how to slap mama (pretty hard)
  • Uh-Oh is your favorite word
  • You said “Da (da-da) still no Ma-Ma yet
  • You love music and dancing
  • Rice is your favorite
  • Your “girlfriend’s” name is Selena
  •  You can walk more then 10 steps at a time!
  • You’re freakishly talented in hockey
  • Sticks & Balls all day long!

Everything else is pretty standard.

Yesterday was February 11 of 2017. Two days before your actual birthday. We had what mommy and daddy thought would be a “small gathering” (it was actually pretty darn big)  for your birthday. It was awesome! We had so much food and we were surrounded by the people who love you the most!

I wanted to do something creative and special for you as your birthday gift.

We got you a scrapbook. We will give you the scrapbook as a high school graduation gift. Everyone who attended your birthday signed you a note and took a picture with you. This was a great way to capture who was in our lives in 2016. I am reading through these notes, and man… I can’t wait for you to read them at 18 years old!

A lot of people asked me what you need for your birthday. We are lucky to receive such great gifts, but my favorite is all the books you got! Instead of cards, mommy had everyone write you a love note in the book.

So now every time mommy reads you the book we will think of the person who got you the book.

I am all about the memories. 

I hope you had a great time. My son- I love you. Happy 1st Birthday!


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Now I know giving you your shots is the right thing to do…. but jeeze… Does anyone else question what exactly are in the vaccines they give our kids?

How many times does your little one get sick during their first year of life?

Dear Porter,

This past weekend you had your 5th cold this year. You are now 11 months. I question sometimes all of the  medical vaccinations and provided by our doctors. I know it’s for your best interest but do you really need all of the extra supplements?

For example, our doctor prescribed you fluoride. She did not really explain why we needed it. We just knew we had to give it to pick it up from the pharmacy and give it to you everyday. I gave it to you for the first 2 days. You were so fussy after! I knew it did not sit with you well. I personally took you off of it. I even told the doctors during our next visit that I do not give it to you. They said “okay!” no problem? So if it was no problem, why did they give it to me in the first place? I paid for it, for what?

We also gave you your flu shots. After the second shot, you got sick. Is that a coincidence? You were perfectly fine the day of your shots. Then the exact day after, you became weak and got a fever!

Now I know giving you your shots is the right thing to do…. but jeeze…

Does anyone else question what exactly are in the vaccines they give our kids?






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Similac Deal Alert-My total for all four boxes should of been $27.44 however we paid $7.44!

Hello Moms!

At around 8 months my milk supply decreased a lot. I went from producing 28-30 oz a day to about 10-15 oz. Porter is now 11 months and drinks about 20-25 oz a day. In order for him to have enough milk we needed to start supplementing breastmilk with formula.

We tried a couple different kinds of formula. What worked best for us was Similac’s Like breastmilk formula. The powder works okay.. but he prefers the liquid one (so high maintenance).

We received four $5  check coupons in the mail. You can get this by signing up with Similac for special offers. Each box of Similac at Walmart is $6.86. (If you guys know where else I can purchase please share!)

These coupon checks works at Walmart! I was able to use all 4 checks. My total for all four boxes should of been $27.44  however we paid $7.44!  We saved! Winning!

Enjoy moms!


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